Protect your investment!

When you buy a product, whether it be a computer, cell phone, MP3 player, what ever, you worked hard to invest in that item, and want it to last a long time. There are several ways to protect your device, from a hard plastic shell to a silicon case, or even just a vinyl sticker. Any one of these provides a level of protection your product needs!

Here are a few of the ones I’ve come across in the last few months:
Poetic afinity Case:

I am a fan of Poetic, I have owned a number of their cases over the years for tablets and cell phones. They make a quality product, and this is no exception. I almost don’t know its on my phone (until I go to take it off) and it ads an additional level of grip and overall design aesthetic.

iPearl mCover hard shell cases for Laptops:

I enjoyed my first one so much I got a 2nd one, and I put in some of my other laptops for consideration. I think this is a really smart design and provides a lot of protection to the system. I highly recommend picking one up if you have a laptop they make a cover for. if you do not, make a suggestion, so they know people want a cover for that laptop.

Decal-R-Us Vinyl stickers:

This is not a perfect product, but I like the way it looks and how easy it was to install. Could stand to be cut a bit better.

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